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Bike of the Month
November 2021
Dave Brant's BSA Dirt Tracker
By Dave Brant

I started racing motorcycles on a 650 BSA in 1968 at Perris TT track in Southern California. Made enough points to become an amateur in my first year in District 37 but moved to Reno in February of 1969 and District 36 made me start over as a novice. I moved in to Reno up near the university and Charlie Stewart live around the corner from me and if that was not much of a coincidence than going to work at Merle Brennans and having Windy Foreman working in the stall next to me was. Windy built Hondas at home and combined with Russ Huntoon to become number 1 plate in Northern Nevada.


I rode well in my first year in Nevada and earned number 10 in points as a Novice. Second year went just as well and I finished number 10 again and they issued the numbers as permanent numbers and boosted me to amateur. Time to make the BSA a bit faster, Made up a new frame from stock 1968 BSA , modified the fork angle, lightened, mounted alloy wheels (a wide one on rear ...Windy 's idea), Ceriani lightweight forks, Honda 175 double leading shoe front brake, Sifton cam with springs and larger valves, 32 mm Amals for larger tracks..kept the 30 mm Amals for short tracks. All went pretty well that year with the BSA but I ran over my own skidshoe while my foot was still in it at Cal Expo short track on Windy's Honda and put me out for two months. I finished out the year a few points short of Expert.

1973 showed up and I thought a Trackmaster frame was a must have to make my way onto the podium as an Expert. Bought it, built it, could hardly ride it. Had better traction than the old BSA frame but turned so slowly I could not get it thru a turn...took over a year of frustration to get the hang of it. So then I went off in search of more power and the 750cc engines were allowed in open class. Could not afford the "BSA" 750 kit, so I sleeved a 650 cylinder and overbored it to fit BSA 441 pistons. Made a nice difference in torque off the turn.


A crash that put me in hospital for a few days brought an end to my racing ,as the wife said this was time to sell all that stuff and grow up. So I did...sell the stuff. At a later date I got rid of the wife and got more motorcycles....a decision made too late. 


The best BSA I built was the '68 framed bike...easiest to ride and really fun. I have cloned it and it resides in my fuel or oil, but ready to go when added.

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