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Bike of the Month
December 2023
1958 BSA A10 Golden Flash
By Jerry Meadows

I acquired this beautiful A10 in 1982 (earliest paperwork I can find) from my brother Jim who purchased it from the original owner’s widow including the paper-wrapped spare tire, all his original parts books, sales flyers, manuals and decoke factory gasket kits.  I think the mileage was about 6,000. It was first registered in Nevada in 1959 for $2.50. At that time, we took photos of our baby, Tad, on the BSA.

I took it to a couple shows, rode around with “baby” Tad and did a few BSA rides and the Clubman show. I did nothing to it but change the oil and tires.

As I started riding more bikes I had restored, the A10 was relegated to the storage barn. I was recently talked into bringing it out of storage to show it again at the Ironstone Concours d’Elegance show in Murphys, California this last September. I entered the BSA in the original/unrestored class and took Best of Class. It is stunning with the blue tank badges which I have not seen on any other bike.


We recently, took photos of our little granddaughter, Maddison, to restage the original photo with Tad which was fun.

I kick myself for letting it be in the barn for 20 years.  After pulling it out of the barn, the Golden Flash started up and purred like a kitten making me feel even more guilty.  It has ALWAYS been an amazing ride and is now in the garage to be ridden on a more regular basis. The A10 currently has a bit over 13,000 miles on it.

I am currently restoring a 1960 A10 and if is half as good as the Golden Flash, I will be one happy guy.

A10 golden flash.jpg
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