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Bike of the Month
January 2024
1964 Parilla Grand Sport
By Jon Jacobson

This machine represents the last version of the well known Grand Sport model, Parilla's sportiest road bike. Designed to easily be turned into a club racer on the weekends and back into a high performance street bike during the week. This is the version made when the factory was in finacial trouble and on the verge of closing. They used many more common parts as used on other models to cut cost. A much “tamer” version than the previously produced examples:

  • Standard footpegs instead of the folding rearsets and levers

  • Fixed kickstart lever instead of the complicated foldout version found on previous GS and MSDS

  • 22mm UB series Dell'orto instead of the more expensive and larger SSI Dell'orto

  • Still with the hi comp piston and X1 camshaft

  • Normal road gearbox ratios

  • Triangulated frame is common with higher production Tourist and Trailmaster models.

Most came in the more common and traditional silver with black paint scheme on the tank and black rolling chassis (inspired by the Manx Norton) but other paint combinations were available if inventory still existed. This example is painted in the blue and silver scheme which is likely the most uncommon, if not the most beautiful. The last GS normally came with a flatter seat covered in a black vinyl with white piping but again, if inventory of the older “bump stop” style seat existed, you could get that as well, as this example has. Clipons or Sport bars were available in Europe – I opted for the less common Sport bars which is a top fork clamp with low bars intergrated into it as these are not really seen outside the USA too often.


The frame, suspension, electrics are all in original, unrestored condition – only the Grand Sport body work, Sport bars, and seat have been restored so I would call this in about 60% original condition.

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