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Bike of the Month

April 2020

1963 Honda C110

By Jerry Meadows

Back when my brother and I were lads growing up in Crescent City, CA our father took in a 50cc Honda on trade.  I remember loads of fun riding on the beach and on camping trips.


Fast forward about 30 years.  I was working in Carson City when I spied that very model parked outside a trading post looking very forlorn.  In retrospect, I should have walked away but it stirred some nostalgia so I brought it home.  


I had been rebuilding strictly BSA’s, so this was a novelty Thank goodness Mr. Honda still was offering new parts and cosmetic pieces for the 30 year old pile.  Tad, my son, was 10 years old at the time, and I like to think he enjoyed helping me put it back together.


After spending more money than would ever be recovered, though that doesn’t seem to be the point, the little bike was done.  Patti enjoyed riding it to PJ’s Bike Night several times and people enjoyed seeing it. We had to be home before dark as the lighting is a bit anemic and surface streets were a must for the max speed of 35 mph.


It was on display at the Auto Museum’s “Kickstand Corner” in 1997 alongside my ’58 BSA Golden Flash.  I do still have it, even if it is hidden away in a corner of the barn.


Some things you just have to do for the fun of it.

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