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Bike of the Month
October 2022
1959 Honda Super Cub
By Rex Reiland

Honda C100 and C102 Super Cub


High school in 1966, Honda 50's were not cool. A classmate had one and took the leg guards off, still not cool. Honda 250's were kind of cool, but the coolest were 650 Triumphs. Fifty years later, and a Motorcycle Classics magazine story about a restored C100 got my attention. Hey, that's cool!


A Craigslist search found a C100 and a C102, the electric start version, for sale in California. A long drive down Highway 50 and I had a couple of projects. Finding parts was not too bad. Some new old stock was still around and plastic bits from Asia abound. Show quality exhaust header and muffler were sourced from Japan. Finished, it is a nice ride. Twelve miles to town is a big trip at 30 to 35 MPH. At 49 cc, it can be registered as a moped.


Honda Super Cub, over 1,000,000 sold and climbing. Now that's cool.

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