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Bike of the Month

August 2017

1976 Harley-Davidson FXE

by Jan McCauley

My interest in antique motorcycles began in 1992 when I was privy to a one on one tour at Paughco's. I grew more interested when I met Frank Vavra, who had a 1965 Harley Davidson Panhead sitting in a box in the garage.


Frank was one of the founders of the Comstock Chapter of the AMCA and I went to one of the first Comstock Chapter meetings and got hooked. There was some debate on whether or not I should join the AMCA and the Comstock Chapter because I didn't have an antique motorcycle. That was definitely enough reason for me to find one.


When looking through the AMCA magazine for antique motorcycles for sale I found one that was exactly what I was looking for, a 1976 Harley-Davidson FXE, the year I graduated high school. I contacted the owner, Paul in Michigan, and that's a whole other story, but eventually we came to an agreement and the bike was shipped to Carson City. I have never been happier and I was even more excited when I found out that it was a liberty edition, it looks so cool. With the exception of all of the rubber parts being replaced, it is an original bike with about 4,000 miles on it.


I'm not 100% sure that one antique motorcycle is going to be enough.

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