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Bike of the Month

February 2021

1948 Harley-Davidson UL 

By Bob Lopes

The 74 cubic inch UL flathead was the high compression version of the original U models introduced in 1936, along with the El knucklehead.  Both models share the same chassis. Only 970 UL's were produced in 1948, the last year of production. We acquired the bike at the Mecum auction in Las Vegas last year. The bike was part of Art Bowman's collection. The restoration was performed in 2000 by the well known Clifford "Dink" Corwell out of Chicago Illinois. I'm honored to be the custodian of this great piece of history. A special thank you goes out to Comstock member Gus Assuras for gifting three OEM parts to complete the bike's authenticity, and Matt Verelly at Fractured Glass images for the bike photos.

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