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Bike of the Month

July  2019

1914 Indian

By Charlie Stewart

I replied to a “for sale" ad in Cycle World magazine for this Indian. I had no intention to buy an old motorcycle, but the area code indicated it was close by and I wanted to see an antique motorcycle up close. My interest was sparked and after a couple of weeks I phoned the owner back to see if the Indian was still for sale. No one else had called, so I took a chance and went to make the purchase. It couldn’t be started as '14 kick starters are very weak. This one was MIA. With help from friends a 1915 kick starter was obtained. The front forks and fender are also ’15,  but from the matching patina  they have been on here from very early in its life.  It still had the original Indian spark plugs in it when I bought it. I rode it many years on the pre ’16 rides with the original 2 speed transmission and “tomato can”  carburetor. The rear springs are a definite improvement over a rigid frame.


This ’14 Indian would have cost $275 new. It sports a cradle spring frame with a left hand throttle. It is rated at 7 horsepower. Added features are a Warner magnetic speedometer, belt driven generator for electric  lights, a frame mounted Indian tire pump and tandem  saddle. Also, on the top toolbox is an inclinometer.


Erwin G. "Cannonball “ Baker used a similar model to set the transcontinental record that year of 11 days, 12 hours and 10 minutes.

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