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Bike of the Month
April 2024
1961 Honda 305 Dream CA77
By Rocky Phoenix

My wife and I own a brace of Honda 305 Dreams, both an early version (1960-1963) and a late version (until 1967). The blue bike shown is the early version (1961) and the red bike is a late version. Differences are minor, fuel tank shape, mufflers, rear fender stays, etc.. Suffice to say for all intents and purposes both bikes function the same.

I have owned the three common versions of the Honda 305 sold in the U.S.A. The Scrambler, the Superhawk and the featured bike, the Dream. For some reason I’m drawn to the style of the Dream. The styling is unique, but very functional. The fully valanced fenders offer excellent wet weather protection, and the fully enclosed chain case reduces the need for daily chain maintenance.

The shop manual shows a top speed of 87mph with the rider in a crouched position. I think that’s stretch, unless you’re going down a mineshaft! The manual also claims a maximum horsepower of 23 @ 7,500 rpm. It might make that claim, but you won’t know when it arrives as the bike is not equipped with a tachometer. My strategy for max power is to rev the engine until it sounds like a turbine and then shift. So far no bent valves! The one believable stat from the manual is the dry weight of 373.8 lbs.. It is slightly on the heavy side, but it does have an electric starter!

The Dreams garner a lot of attention when we are out for a ride. Typically a person of an older age that we meet will reminisce with us about them having “owned one just like that when I was a kid!”

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