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Bike of the Month
December 2021
1925 Harley-Davidson JD
By Charlie Stewart

I did not need another motorcycle, but I have no willpower and I’m also a sucker for blue. My interest in a JD started about 40 years ago when I purchased a 1928 motor at a small swap meet at Rancho San Rafael Park.   Since that time, owning a JD was always in the back of my mind,  but was never a “must have”.


Jan and I went to the Fallbrook run last year and we had lunch with a fellow who was going to sell his 1925 JD. After seeing lots of videos and learning its history, it ended up in my driveway. He was kind enough to deliver it on his way to a day of skiing. 


I am not a fan of buying restored motorcycles, but I  have too many projects to finish already and did not want to take on another one. 


A JD is 74 C.I.   It  has a 3 speed transmission, intake over exhaust valves (F head). In 1925 Harley came out with a new frame style with lower seat height and a more rounded fuel tank. A previous owner installed a front brake which was not offered until 1928. In 1925 a new Harley JD cost $335. There are lots of Harleys from that vintage and parts are plentiful.


All I need is a stoplight and I am ready to hit the road.

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