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Bike of the Month
January 2023
1960 Harley-Davidson FLH
By Dave Mull

This bike was built from parts that had never met each other before as the late, great, Dale Walksler would say. The matching motor and 6-volt frame came from a good friend who was unemployed and was willing to sell. It came with a bar napkin bill of sale and a Texas registration showing it had been a highway patrol bike in the 1960's.


In the years after the purchase I was able to find all the rest of the bike in lots of different places. The fuel tanks came from a guy who needed shocks for his truck. The fenders came from a guy who had sold a truck to a guy about 80 miles away with the comment don't ask where they came from. The front fender was an Electra Glide with the word Police above the emblem and the rear fender still had the 4 digit police bike number on it. The oil tank came from a friend who was heading to a swap meet with it. The bars came from another swap meet and the mufflers came off my late friend, Marvin Long's 1967 FLH. The frame was repaired by the late Charlie Craig. The tanks were painted by another late old pal, Bob Olson, who I asked to make them look vintage, He said, "You want me to scratch them up"? The motor was built by Painter Joe of Williams Motors and is a real runner.


This year alone it has been ridden to 4 major events, the AMCA Anza Borrego Run, Virginia City Round Up, Lake Tahoe AMCA road run and the Death Valley AMCA run. She's a real pleasure to ride!

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